Angel Paz

Youth Comm and Outreach

•Tell us about your family
– I LOVE my mom and sister. They’ve raised me up and have helped me become who i am today. They are some of the strongest and most determined people i’ve ever met!
•Your hobbies
i love to play my guitar, reading, TRYING ALLLL KINDS OF NEW FOODS, and staying active
• How has gospel changed you
The Gospel completely shifted my life when I least expected it… or even asked for it. I experienced the Gospel for the first time in my freshman year of highschool after my parents divorce and after constantly running towards things that i had hoped would give me the love and affirmation that i was searching for. The Gospel changed me by helping see that, because of Jesus, i was already loved and accepted far beyond what i could even begin to understand. 
•Why you love the ministry you oversee 
I love being a part of the story. When we look back to pivotal moments in our life we can always recall people who have dramatically helped in shifting and building it. I love the idea that is God using me as an instrument on His mission to reclaim people, especially at such a young and foundational part of life.