Baptism is a beautiful picture of what has happened in the life of a follower of Jesus! When we first believe the gospel, we die to our sin, both it’s gripping power and it’s damning penalty, and we are raised to live a new life of faith in Jesus Christ as dearly loved children of God.

Baptism is a proclamation that through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection, God graciously washes away our guilt and shame and declares us blameless in His sight. We believe the Bible teaches that baptism does not save us (only faith in Jesus saves us) and that baptism is only for those who repent of their sin and make a trustworthy profession of faith in Jesus as their Savior.

Thus the reasons we should get baptized are:

  1. To joyfully obey Jesus’ command
  2. To humbly follow Jesus’ example
  3. To publicly proclaim our faith in Jesus
  4. To gladly identify with Jesus’ church and mission

Scriptural References
Romans 6:1-14; John 1:12; Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 1:9, Acts 2:41